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    June 2, 2021

  • The most successful members of any group are just as fearful as everyone else. As the Alberta Mortgage landscape changes, it is easy to become fearful. The difference is that successful people know that feeling of discomfort means there is an opportunity for growth. They feel the fear and choose to move toward it. Transformation often begins the same way. Based on research interviews with AMBA members, Chris will take us on a journey packed with equal parts real-world training, inspiration, and intelligent humor to build a plan that includes healthy transformation both personally & in business.

  • What's the Big Deal About Clubhouse, Anyways? Social media is a constantly changing landscape. So how do you leverage your brand voice on the latest platforms? And why bother trying them out at all? Joel Olandesca is an early adopter and passionate user of the latest social engagement tool – Clubhouse. If you’re curious about how this tool can be used to increase your business, join Joel for a detailed overview of the platform, designed specifically for mortgage brokers and their marketing needs: • What is Clubhouse • Clubhouse user basics • Why you need to be on Clubhouse • Incorporating content you’ve developed on other platforms into Clubhouse • Clubhouse room and topic ideas to maximize engagement

  • This Four-Part Framework is the perfect starting point to determine where you should be spending your time NOW and how this drives profit and creates long term sustainability in your business. The Profit Planner will help you • Identify the money-making activities to focus on • Leverage your strengths so you can focus on being the CEO • Learn where you need support in your business model • Use automation and delegation to systemize business process • Get rid of the things that are no longer necessary No more spinning, working on things that don't serve you. Being busy instead of productive. Feeling like you don't know if your time is producing real results.