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Cambridge Red Deer Hotel
Red Deer, AB


Monday and Tuesday
October 26 & 27, 2020

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It’s not all about the speakers at the Alberta Mortgage Conference. We have designed our conference program to provide opportunities for you to network, share ideas and meet like minded professionals who will inspire and motivate you.

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Conference Schedule

Tentative Program – Updates Still to Come
  • Day 1

    October 26, 2020

  • Join us for some inspiration (networking), education (keynote info to be posted soon!) and recognition (the Alberta WIMI Awards!). All welcome!
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  • Day 2

    October 27, 2020

  • Fuel up for the day, courtesy of Silver Partner, Juriscorp Law.
    Connections Hall

  • The most successful members of any group are just as fearful as everyone else. As the Alberta Mortgage landscape changes, it is easy to become fearful. The difference is that successful people know that feeling of discomfort means there is an opportunity for growth. They feel the fear and choose to move toward it. Transformation often begins the same way. Based on research interviews with AMBA members, Chris will takes us on a journey packed with equal parts real-world training, inspiration, and intelligent humor to build a plan that includes healthy transformation both personally & in business.
    Tuscany Ballroom

  • Session 1 with Sebastien Kuperhause: There is no denying that we are entering a new era in the mortgage marketplace. As the millennial generation succeeds the baby boomers, we can already predict that this shift will inevitably transform the housing market on a global scale. As Sebastien will show, this tech-savvy generation brings with it a need to rethink the way homes are now being bought and sold. As millennials are turning their attention to starting families and purchasing a home, it is imperative that brokers consider new approaches to maintain their relevance with this growing buyer segment, and ensure they meet them where they are on their purchasing journey. In his presentation today, Sebastien will discuss how, as an industry, we must recalibrate our sights as we bear in mind the unique needs of this emerging market force.

    Session 2 with Sarah Strauss: The Art of Timeblocking I am a master time blocker. I have shared my tips, tricks and habits with all of my Mastermind attendees as well as several others that I am close with in our industry. This 45+ minute session will lead the attendees through the art of time blocking, starting with the BIG goal and breaking it down to 30 minute chunks. Time blocking is truly an art, and after this session the attendees will feel empowered with their schedules moving forward. I will also include handouts of my yearly/monthly/weekly and daily tracking sheets I use for efficient and effective time blocking.

    More sessions to come.

  • Research has shown us that there is an opportunity to expand broker adoption in many niche areas, such as single women, established families, and the aging population. stnce can assist brokers to connect on a meaningful level with all of these groups, and more. This presentation will provide examples, backed by our research, of client segments that are currently underserved by brokers. By using stnce as a resource, and developing a niche, brokers can expand, rather than limit, their book of business.
    Tuscany Ballroom

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Network, share ideas and meet like minded professionals who will inspire and motivate you at the Alberta Mortgage Conference 2020